The Dogs Bollocks of Deep Sea Fish
—The Anglerfish —
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For this project we were asked to create something to represent Everything about one thing. So I decided to make a book about Anglerfish. I came to this idea by first thinking about the things and places we know least about in the world. As I thought this would narrow down the Everything that I needed to learn about this certain topic.
I chose the Deep Sea as we know very little about it and the Anglerfish as it is the most interesting looking of the deep sea fish and also one that many people may recognise from the movie Finding Nemo. I decided to make up some of my own facts about the Anglerfish as some of the true facts are so unbelievable I thought it would be interesting for the reader to guess which was real and which wasn’t. So I decided on telling these facts through short stories involving many different Anglerfish characters.

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